How it works

  The system works like a spyware, it captures the information from the mobile and sends it to the Web Server, all data is stored on our server and can only be seen by you through a user and password, text messages are encrypted inside the server, so if a hacker invades the server he will not be able to read the messages.
  The system captures all text messages, all calls made, received and missed, also captures the entire phonebook with contacts and phone numbers. It also captures photos, videos from the mobile album as well as WhatsApp.
  You can still take pictures of your phone when you want and record audios and listen to everything that is happening around the cell phone.   You have 25 mega disk space to store all this data except for text messages, calls, and contacts. 25 Megas may seem a little more all the content is compressed before entering the server, so a photo gets an average of 50kb, that is with 25m you can store about 2,000 photos.   If you need more disk space you can buy more space easily.
  When the space ends you are blocked from accessing tools that require HD, meaning you can only see text messages and connection history.

How to Install?

  To install the program is not as simple as installing any program from Google play, it takes a little more effort.
   Click here and see a step-by-step tutorial.
If you want to download the application from the PC and send the program via USB click here.

How to Uninstall?

   Click here and see how to uninstall the application.

Does the application weigh heavily on your mobile phone?

  No, the application is programmed to use as little memory and processor as possible, so it makes virtually no difference in the cell.


Does it take for the program to run 100%?

  After installation the program takes half an hour to synchronize 100% with the server. This time varies according to the speed of the internet, if the user is moving the cell phone the process is faster.
In the meantime no other function will work.


SMS - View all messages sent and received from the cell phone, even if the messages are deleted they are still on the site.
Contacts - Get access to the entire contact list on your phone.
Calls - You have a history of all phone calls, with date, time and call duration.
Tracking - Get the current location of your phone even with GPS off, or if you prefer, start a GPS tracking to find out where your phone is with great accuracy. Album - Get all the photos and videos from your mobile album with just one click, you can download the photos to your computer whenever you want and you can still watch the video online or download to your computer or mobile phone. br Take Photo - Take photos without any warning on the cell phone, you can take photos of the cellphone whenever you want and where you want without even touching the cell phone, and can view the pictures whenever you want by the site or download on your computer or cell phone.
Record Videos - You can record videos from your mobile phone without any notification of this, you set the amount of time you want the video to record and you get it, you receive the video on the site very easily .
Audio - You can turn on your phone's microphone and record all external sound, know everything the person talks to and who he talks to and get it all on the site very easily.
Whatsapp - View all the pictures that have been received and sent by WhatsApp, plus see the videos and have access to all WhatsApp conversations (To get the conversations you need root access). /> Screen Capture - Take Screen Print from your phone and see what everything is currently on the phone. (this option requires root access)
Update - With a simple command you can update the application to the newest version without even touching the cell phone, just send the command and the system updates itself (this option needs root access)
Uninstall - With the version with root attached you can uninstall the application just by clicking a button on the site, you can uninstall the application from the mobile being anywhere in the world. In the non-root version you should uninstall the application manually in downloaded applications.
Camouflage - The application is camouflaged under another name to make it difficult for the user to find and uninstall it. In the version with root it is much more difficult to find the application.

Access the audio and details of calls made and received from your phone.
MeuSPYText Messaging
Access incoming and outgoing text messages.
MeuSPYPhotos and videos
Get access to all the photos and videos on your phone.
MeuSPYRecord Audio
Record the surround audio to your phone.
MeuSPYGPS Location
Get the location of the mobile device in real time.
MeuSPYTake pictures
You can still take photos and record videos and watch whenever you want.
Watch in real time everything that goes around the cell phone.
Access all files on your phone.
Get access to everything typed on your phone.
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