Track mobile phone remotely and get access to photos, videos and more

With MeuSPY you have access to all cell phone information. See below some of them.



Get access to audio and call details made and received on your mobile phone.



View all WhatsApp conversations, sent and received without having to root your phone.

ao vivo


Watch in real time everything that goes around the phone through your camera.



Get access to everything you type on your phone.


GPS location

Get the location of the mobile device in real time.


Photos and videos

Get access to all photos and videos from the phone.



Get access to sent and received text messages.

tirar fotos

Take pictures

You can still take photos and record videos totally hidden.



View all files from mobile phone, you can download files or delete any file from mobile phone.

How do you know what kind of information your child is exposed to?

MeuSpy is a free tool where you can access text messages, links, WhatsApp conversations and other benefits. Through it, you can track the daily activities of your children. And all of this is done completely anonymously.

Secure and fully invisible mobile phone app

You have access to mobile phone information through a username and password that you set, making the app very secure and completely invisible on your mobile phone..

I didn't believe it at first, but after I installed MeuSPY I was surprised by so many options.
I recommend it!

- Fatima Testimonial.

With MeuSPY I discovered that my ex husband was abusing my daughter.

- Debora Testimonial.

My son was weird, so I installed MeuSPY on his cell phone, and found out he was getting involved with drugs.

- Ana Testimonial.