Application for monitoring cell phones and tablets free.

Have access to all information on your child's cell phone and avoid problems with bad people on the internet.


Get access to all mobile information

With our modern cell phone monitoring app, you have access to all cell phone information, such as WhatsApp, SMS, texts typed on the cell phone and much more.


See all WhatsApp conversations, with photos, video and audios.


Get access to all call history with call audio and more.

Photo and Video

Get access to all the photos and videos taken by your cell phone wherever you are.


You can even view and delete any file from your phone remotely.

24K Positive Reviews

How to use the app?


First you must click on Register and fill in the registration form.


After registering, you must download the application on the cell phone that you want to monitor.


You must follow what is asked on the screen to install the application, remembering that your account has a video teaching you how to install the application step by step.

To monitor

Once the app is installed, simply login to your account in the My Account menu and submit the actions you want, such as taking a photo, or starting a live video.

Our monitoring app has the best features.

The application has several options for you to monitor your child and always keep an eye on everything he does.

Cloud Files

Cell phone or tablet data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your username and password.

Live Video

Watch your child in real time, see him through the cell phone camera and always know what your child is doing.


Our server has modern encryptions to protect your data from hackers.


Our application monitors everything you type on your cell phone and saves it all on our server so you can access it whenever you want.


Get access to all messages sent and received both on WhatsApp and SMS.

Secure Payments

The application is free, but if you want to free up more disk space, you can make the purchase through Mercado Pago or PayPal.

Some testimonials!

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I installed it on my daughter's cell phone and now whenever she leaves the house without my permission I find out and know exactly what she is doing and who she is with.

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I found out that my ex-wife was grooming my son, thanks to this app I gained custody of my son.

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I love this app, with it I always know who my child is talking to.

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Very good app, always meeting my expectations.


Check out our values.

Get access to many features for free, and access to unlimited features for one low price.

Free of charge



  • 25MB Disk Space
  • Live (Video) 1 hour
  • Live (Audio) Unavailable
  • All other resources

Install on any Android phone

Use the link below to download and install it on the cell phone you want to monitor.
The download file is in APK extension, this type of file can be opened only on Android phones.

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